Thursday, October 16, 2014

Remodel Update

Ok, the remodel has commenced. Last spring we updated the decor of the office (see previous post), everyone liked it so much that we decided to go ahead with the same theme throughout the gym. Now that it's shoulder season we took the opportunity to close for one day, only ONE day, and get the main room done. Bruce, Omar and Josefine taped, and painted at super speed and 14 hours later the main room had transformed into a sleek, modern and fun workout space. A few days later Bruce tackled the stretch room. Details here and there are yet to be attended to (and eventually the changing room too), but we are extremely happy with the transformation so far, we really hope you like it too. We've chosen two matching hues of gray and a very energetic orange for a clean sporty look. Check it out.

Before starting to paint we had to get the dumbbell racks and other equipment away from the walls, which made for a nice obstacle course in the middle of the room.
Taping every window frame, mirror and floor edge became Josefines job.
Omar patching dents in the wall caused by various heavy weights.
And so it began, Bossman Bruce is swift with the roller.
Omar working the edges with a brush.
Bruce steady hand making light work of the top edge.
And then, our accent color, we call it Body Shop Orange.
Bruce making sure the edge of our feature wall is razor sharp.

Bruceman tackled the Stretch room a couple of days later, it is now a brighter, lighter, energizing space.
The finished main room, nice and sleek.
The treadmills and our feature wall.
What is our feature wall all about? Schwarzenegger of course!
Brucies tribute to Arnie.

Please stop by and see it for yourself, we'd love to hear what you think. :)
Bring on the winter!