Sunday, December 20, 2015


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Thursday, December 4, 2014

HUGE equipment update!

We've been updating the gym at such a pace that we're having a hard time keeping up the blog posts. We're so excited to anouce that we've put in no less than TEN new pieces of equipment this last week. Bruce really went to town and we're so happy with the results, our members and visitors are loving the new stuff.

Here are some images of the new equipment, but come on in and check it our for yourselves. All new pieces pictured except two new spin bikes, which are identical to the two we put in in January of this year. (A full list of the current list of equipment at the Body Shop Gym can be found under the Equipment tab above.)

Smith Machine
Stair Stepper
Weight assisted Pull-up/Dip machine
Fly pec/ Rear delt machine
Incline row
Multi press
Three way Olympic bench
Adjustable ab bench

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Remodel Update

Ok, the remodel has commenced. Last spring we updated the decor of the office (see previous post), everyone liked it so much that we decided to go ahead with the same theme throughout the gym. Now that it's shoulder season we took the opportunity to close for one day, only ONE day, and get the main room done. Bruce, Omar and Josefine taped, and painted at super speed and 14 hours later the main room had transformed into a sleek, modern and fun workout space. A few days later Bruce tackled the stretch room. Details here and there are yet to be attended to (and eventually the changing room too), but we are extremely happy with the transformation so far, we really hope you like it too. We've chosen two matching hues of gray and a very energetic orange for a clean sporty look. Check it out.

Before starting to paint we had to get the dumbbell racks and other equipment away from the walls, which made for a nice obstacle course in the middle of the room.
Taping every window frame, mirror and floor edge became Josefines job.
Omar patching dents in the wall caused by various heavy weights.
And so it began, Bossman Bruce is swift with the roller.
Omar working the edges with a brush.
Bruce steady hand making light work of the top edge.
And then, our accent color, we call it Body Shop Orange.
Bruce making sure the edge of our feature wall is razor sharp.

Bruceman tackled the Stretch room a couple of days later, it is now a brighter, lighter, energizing space.
The finished main room, nice and sleek.
The treadmills and our feature wall.
What is our feature wall all about? Schwarzenegger of course!
Brucies tribute to Arnie.

Please stop by and see it for yourself, we'd love to hear what you think. :)
Bring on the winter!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Front Desk Remodel

Hello Friends,

if you've been into the gym over the last month you've probably noticed the changes in our front office. We decided it was time to update our look and make the entrance way show off the fact that The Body Shop Gym is Mammoths coolest workout facility. Gone is the mellow yellow hue, say hello to cool gray and sporty orange! The last component was added only a couple of weeks ago when one of our favorite members Tiffany Tyree presented us with a custom made Body Shop logo painting. See below for pictures of her AMAZING piece of art, now gracing our wall!

It was all hands on deck to get this remodel done. We all chipped in, painting, laying down rubber flooring, assembling furniture etc. This was a labor of love for all of us here at the Body Shop, we love how it come out, we really hope you like it too. Come hang out with us in the cool new office, we have free coffee as always and new bright orange chairs for you to sit in.
First we painted the place.
Bruce man laying down flooring.
Look how neat that came out. Perfection!

Building the pigeonhole shelving unit.
We left the hardest screws to Omar.

Tiffany's amazing Body Shop masterpiece.
New furniture in place.
The new office layout and design.

Panorama of the old office space, just to remind you what it looked like.

Come see it all for yourself. :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

New equipment is in

Good news friends, the Body Shop has this week installed two new spin-bikes and two new recumbent bikes. They are all running incredibly smooth. I spent some time on both of them yesterday and had an immensely comfortable ride, feels like pushing a very even stream of air, set at your preferred resistance.

Here are some pictures of the latest addition to our fleet:

We've got two of these sweet LeMond spin bikes, with super easy height adjustment.
We also have two new ones of these recumbent, they look just like our previous ones from this angle, but when you sit down you will discover the difference, a smoother ride and a flashy new updated console.

Kieth and Jen taking a tandem test drive of the new recumbent bikes.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Member profile January 2014

Is it January already!? My goodness times flies when we're having fun. We've been so busy I haven't had time to do the member of the month for a while. Winter is here and we have an influx of members at the gym. It's always nice to see new faces and get to know each other on the gym floor. One member who is a frequent face in the evening here is Rene, so we decided to make him member of the month for January.

BodyShop: Please state your name for us.

Member: Rene

BodyShop: Do you live in Mammoth full time, seasonal or visiting? And how long have you been here?

Member:  I live in Mammoth, I've been here for 8 years now.

BodyShop: What is your occupation?

Member: I do maintenance at Convict Lake.

BodyShop: How long have you been coming to The Body Shop?

Member: For 5 years.

BodyShop: How often do you work out and what’s your favorite time of day for working out?

Member: 6 days a week from about 6-8 pm

BodyShop: What’s your favorite work out music?

Member: Rock and Roll is best.

BodyShop: What other sports/recreational activities do you engage in?

Member: I run and play soccer.

BodyShop: Which are your favorite spots to do those things around Mammoth?

Member: The park is great for playing soccer.
BodyShop: What do you like best about The Body Shop Gym? 

Member: It's a nice environment.


Friday, September 6, 2013

Abs of steel

Who doesn't want beach worthy abs? The abdomen has a few muscle groups that both men and women benefit from toning. When toning your abs you will also be working your obliques and a few other muscle groups depending on which exercise you are doing. There are a vast array of exercises you can do, both explosive and static, with or without equipment. Below are a few examples of how you can tone your tummy.

Due to the success of the member participation for our previous blog post on biceps/triceps, we thought why not stick to that format. I've found a new set of willing Body Shop gym members to model these exercises for photos. We're pretty lucky to have such dedicated members, it's always inspiring watching them all do their workouts.

Ab Crunches

Swiss-Ball Crunch
1. Lie with your hips, lower back and shoulders in contact with the Swiss ball.
2. Place your Fingertips behind your ears, elbows should be inline with your body. (alternatively you can hold a weight plate on your chest if you want to increase the resistance)
3. Raise your head and shoulders and crunch your rib cage towards your pelvis using your ab muscles to execute the movement. (Do not pull on your head with your arms, merely hold your hands there).4. Pause at the 'top' of the crunch, then slowly return to the starting position.

Choose how many reps to do in a set, the set should end with 3-4 reps that give you a bit of a burn, then you've reached the right amount of reps. Do three or more of these sets with a bit of a rest between each set. (You can always alternate with a different exercise that doesn't work the abs). Crunches can be done on a flat surface or a reclining surface, but the Swiss ball offers a very comfortable alternative, so you can do MORE reps!

P.S. Ab crunches are not sit ups, where your chest comes a lot closer up to the knees, a crunch is a smaller movement but can be just as effective when executed correctly.
Dan is showing you how to execute ab crunches using a Swiss ball. The instability of the ball woks the core a little bit extra and also offers a cushioned surface for your bum and back.

Leg raises

Vertical knee raise
1. Support the body by resting lower arms and elbows on the pads, gripping the handles firmly. Your back should be pressed up against the back support, legs hanging straight down with feet hovering above the floor.
2. Inhale and raise knees towards your chest using the abdominal chore muscles to do so. Your back will round slightly and press up against the back rest. (To increase the effects of this ab workout, try holding the knees to the chest for a few seconds on each repetition. For an even more intense variation of this exercise, try the same movement with straight legs.)
3. Release and let your legs go back to straight hanging position while exhaling.
4. Repeat for as many reps as you feel is necessary to come to a burn, then do a few sets during your workout.

This exercise can also be executed while hanging, gripping a high bar with your hands or using ab slings.
Leg raises with bent knees are demonstrated here by Chris, leg raises can be done with bent or straight legs.

Horizontal Stabilization (plank) with knee tuck

Static horizontal stabilization
1. Get into a push-up position, balance on your toes, but bend your arms so that you are leaning on your elbows.
2. Try to hold your body as straight as possible, like a plank, by engaging all your core muscles. This first version of this exercise is a static exercise (A blend of static and dynamic exercises allows engagement of all your ab muscles)
3. Breathe deeply and hold the position for 30 seconds, or however long you feel is necessary to make your muscles really work to keep you flat at the end of the time span.

Horizontal stabilization with knee tuck (or 'crab' move)
1. Start in the same position as above.
2. Lift one foot off the floor, bend at the knee and bring the knee up along the side of your body towards your elbow. You will be balancing on the toes of the foot that's still planted on the ground and your two elbows while performing this knee tuck. The leg you are tucking should not touch the floor, just hover above it. Try to keep your body as 'planked' as possible while executing the movement.
5. Return to the original position and repeat the knee tuck with your other leg. Breather in when tucking the knee, then breathe out again when returning to full plank position.
6. Repeat as many  times as you feel is appropriate to come to a burn, then do a few sets with the same amount of reps, resting between each set.

This one is a great all around core exercise since you have to engage muscles in your shoulders, chest, back, bum and legs, as well as the abs that we're targeting in this blog post.
Jessie is showing you the position for a static horizontal stabilization in the top picture. For a dynamic variation  you can add the knee tuck or 'crab' move demonstrated in this image

Hope this has helped you guys on your way to amazing abs. For more tips on exercises we have plenty of books available for our members to use and our trainers Bruce and Jennifer are always happy to answer any questions you might have. (Or why not book a training session with one of them if you want to work out a routine to target a specific area or just to get in general shape, contact details can be found under the contact tab at the top of the blog page).