Saturday, July 6, 2013

Member profile July 2013

It's July and Mammoths summer season is in full swing. The motocross and 4th July holiday brought an abundance of people to our town. We've had a many super nice visitors come use the Body Shop gym. But we never forget about our loyal regulars. The member of the month feature continues with a guy who is always a delight to have around.

BodyShop: Please state your name for us.

Member: Joe

BodyShop: Do you live in Mammoth full time, seasonal or visiting? And how long have you been here?

Member: Full time for nine years now.

BodyShop: What is your occupation?

Member: I work in property management.

BodyShop: How long have you been coming to The Body Shop?

Member: 5 months. 

BodyShop: How often do you work out and what’s your favorite time of day for working out?

Member: 3-4 days per week. I prefer afternoon evening, after work.

BodyShop: What’s your favorite work out music?

Member: Jam and funk.

BodyShop: What other sports/recreational activities do you engage in?

Member: I hike, bike, ski, climb, fish and more.

BodyShop: Which are your favorite spots to do those things around Mammoth?

Member: All of the High Sierras.
BodyShop: What do you like best about The Body Shop Gym? 

Member: It's close to where I live and I like the staff here.
BodyShop: Finally, what is the one piece of workout attire you own that should probably have been retired a long time ago? (oh, come on, you know you have at least one item like that)

Member: Old shirts and shorts. The T-shirt I have on today is a good example!

The t-shirt Joe mentioned, on display here, holes and all. You can wear whatever you want in here Joe, as long as you wear your smile too. :)